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About Variety, the Children's Charity

Cinema Cafe is part of the Variety DC chapter, serves families in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, with a special focus on children with mobility disabilities. By partnering with individual supporters, corporate donors and community foundations, Variety DC provides financial grants and life-changing adaptive equipment to meet the basic needs of these special families.


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With Your Support...

Variety DC has been a steady source of hope for those in need.  Sharing the stories here is just our small way of sending a big thank you for your unwavering support!

Variety donated 45 COVID-19 Emergency Grants to families who lost their income and are caring for a child with disabilities. We worked with many amazing therapists, teachers and social workers who connected us with families in need.

In 2021, Variety also donated four bikes and a reverse walker. Two of the bikes arrived in February, just in time for the warm weather!  Below is a little more about Ella and Ari's stories.  With your help, we were able to provide the tandem bike and hand cycle they requested. As you can see in the photos, this is just a glimpse of the fun and exercise to come!

Ella's Story

Ella enjoys her tandem bike

“When Ella was 2 years old, she suffered an intraventricular hemorrhage.  A CT scan revealed a large arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that was deemed inoperable.  Unfortunately, that AVM has ruptured multiple times throughout Ella’s young life and has resulted in deficits in her mobility, motor control, and communication abilities.  

Ella continues to fight through the difficult moments and remains an exceptionally strong girl.  Her parents found a tandem bike that would not only allow Ella to join her parents and younger brother on outings, but it would also foster inclusion and restore a sense of independence while assisting in Ella’s recovering.”

Ari's Story

Ari on her adaptive bike

"Ariadne (Ari) has Caudal Regression Syndrome/Sacral Agenesis.  She is missing part of her spine from the L2 vertebrae to her coccyx.  She ambulates using crutches and a wheelchair when she tires.  She is 8 years old and wants to ride a bike but due to her legs knows she can't ride one like her sister's.  Since her ambulation is directly correlated to her fitness we are looking for ways to keep her active and healthy.  This is why we have been thinking about a hand cycle but have not been able to afford one for her."

How to Stay Involved

Help us continue to reach children like Ella and Ari!  Here are few ways you can help with just 5 minutes of your time...

Variety DC would not have been able to provide these life-changing grants and bikes to help struggling parents through tough times had it not been for your extremely generous donations. 

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity – it made a difference!

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