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Cinema Cafe is honored to participate in a variety of community outreach events and services. Our community outreach involves supporting many causes including health and wellness issues, neighborhood associations, schools, and many other non-profit organizations. In any given year, we receive hundreds of requests for donations, highlighting the increasing needs of so many worthy causes. To better manage these requests, we have implemented a new Cinema Cafe Donation Program to address this growing need.

Cinema Cafe Donation Guidelines:

  • We donate to non-profit organizations that serve our community.
  • Priority is given to registered 501(c)(3) charity/non-profit organizations. If you do not have a 501(c)(3), you CAN still request a donation.
  • Donations are generally made directly to the charity rather than to secondary businesses or community groups raising funds on behalf of the named charity.
  • To help expedite the process, please complete the Donation Request form below, including the file upload.
  • We donate Cinema Cafe products only.
  • We can only consider requests submitted via our Donation Request Form.
  • Only those groups or organizations granted a donation will be contacted by a member of the Cinema Cafe Donation team to arrange pick up of the donation.
  • Please allow  6 to 8 weeks for consideration and processing.
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