We are very excited to be included in Forward Virginia's Phase 3! We are planning to begin reopening our theaters soon, but do not want to rush this process in the interest of safety for our crew and guests. We will release a detailed formal announcement as soon as a reopening date is confirmed.

Safety protocols are being put in place, and those details will be released in the coming week. In the interest of keeping our guests and crew as safe as possible and ensuring the high quality experience our guests have come to expect, we plan to stagger the re-opening of our locations. They will likely open in the following order: Edinburgh first, then Pembroke, Hampton, & Greenbrier a week later.

Kemps River's opening will be delayed a little longer because of another bit of exciting news: RECLINERS are coming! Updates on Kemps River's re-opening will be posted as construction progresses.

Our fans have been incredibly supportive during these trying times, and anxious for updates. While some of these details are subject to change based on the evolving situation, we want you to know: we appreciate you and can't wait to see you back at the movies!


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