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Theater FAQs

Q: Does my child need a ticket?
Q: What age is included in the Senior ticket?
Q: What is the age policy?
Q: What does "no passes" mean?
Q: Why are there pass restrictions? And do you accept passes for special events?
Q: What is ImmersiveX?
Q: Can I buy tickets in advance?
Q: Can I reserve a particular seat?
Q: Can I purchase tickets online?
Q: Can I use gift cards or movie passes for online ticket purchases?
Q: I can't make my show. Can I get a refund?
Q: I purchased my tickets online but did not receive a confirmation email.
Q: Do you offer handicapped seating?
Q: Do you offer assistance to the hearing-impaired and visually-impaired?
Q: Can you smoke in the theater?

Dining FAQs

Q: Do you have to order food or drinks if you watch a movie at Cinema Cafe?
Q: What kind of food do you have?
Q: Do you have an allergen menu?
Q: Can we order during the movie?
Q: If something is wrong with my order what do I do?
Q: Do you accept checks?
Q: Should I tip my server?

Other FAQs

Q: How can I comment on my personal experience at Cinema Cafe?
Q: My favorite movie is coming up and I want to watch it in costume/cosplay! Is that allowed?
Q: How do I book a party and/or an event at the Cinema Cafe?
Q: How can I join the Cinema Cafe email/newsletter list?
Q: I see two charges from Cinema Cafe on my account. Was I charged twice?

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