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Sensory Friendly Shows

Sensory Friendly shows will be be the first show of the day on select weekends at our Greenbrier Mall (Chesapeake) and Chester locations. Films and dates will be announced as the information becomes available. Tickets will go on sale Tue the week of each event; a link will be posted above to those ticketing pages.

Next Event

Sensory Friendly Showing of The Little Mermaid

Chester on June 3rd at 10:30am

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Greenbrier June 3rd & 4th at 11:15am

What does "Sensory Friendly" mean?
Why "Sensory Friendly" shows?
When are these shows available?

Upcoming Sensory Friendly Movies

Dates and times to be announced. Always at Chester & Greenbrier locations.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken
Paw Patrol 2: The Mighty Movie

and more to come!

Questions? Please contact the Corporate Office at (757) 747-1393 for more information.

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