Schools & Daycares

Only schools and professional daycares are eligible for the Daycare & School Packages.

Kemps River, Hampton, & Greenbrier Prices:
$8.99 – Admission, Box of Popcorn,16oz Soft Drink
$9.99 – Admission, Box of Popcorn,16oz Soft Drink, & 1 Slice of Cheese Pizza
$10.99 – Admission, Box of Popcorn,16oz Soft Drink, & 2 Slices of Cheese Pizza

3-D Movies are a $1.00 up-charge

Prices are per person, before tax. School & Daycare packages are sometimes available at our Edinburgh location by request during the school year - inquire with the Events Office for available dates.

There is a minimum required to book at the 10:30am show time:
- 30 (or more) people in the group, while public school is in-session
- 20 (or more) people in the group, while public school is NOT in-session
If you have less than the minimum in your group, you may still book a party if you are willing to pay for the minimum number.

The party gets a reserved section in the theater, with a server to take care of you for the entirety of the show. The theater is dismissed directly after the movie to prepare for the next group coming in.

Additional items, such as candy, appetizers, etc, may NOT be ordered from the menu.

We can only guarantee seats for the number of people listed in the final headcount given to the Events Office.  Due to tight schedules, the store may need to start the movie on time if your group is running late, so it is best to be on-time.

Payment by cash or credit card is accepted the day of the party; no personal checks are accepted and Cinema Cafe does not invoice.

The Events Office receives movie schedules on Wednesday for the week starting that Friday.  Movie weeks run Friday to Thursday.  We cannot guarantee movie selections and showtime before that time.

We can not guarantee G/PG movies.

If you are interested in booking a party, please fill out this form. Our Events Office is open Mon-Thu from 9am-4pm for reserving parties.