Sensory-Friendly Movies

 Next Sensory-Friendly Show:

Seating is first come, first served. Admission prices vary by location. 


Greenbrier Mall @ 10:30am
Admission: $5.50

Hampton Riverdale @ 10:30am
Admission: $5.78

Sensory-Friendly movies will take place on the first Sat of every month at the Greenbrier and Hampton location at 10:30am. Films will be announced as the information becomes available.

What does "Sensory-Friendly" mean?

We keep the lights up, turn the sound down, and avoid 3D. It is a show where people with sensory disorders can jump, shout, and move about, without fear of judgement.

Why "Sensory-Friendly" shows?

Movies sometimes have drastic changes in light and loud sounds. These kinds of disturbances can set off outbursts and episodes in people with sensory disorders, like Autism, young children, the elderly, and disabled individuals.  Sensory-Friendly movies allow these guests and their families to come out and enjoy a movie without the fear of disturbing other guests in the theater and being judged for such disturbances. These Sensory-Friendly shows are an opportunity for those guests and their families to get the movie theater experience that's been so elusive for so long, with the added bonus of the dining option available at all Cinema Cafe locations.

When are these shows available?

Sensory-Friendly Shows occur as Cinema Cafe has family-friendly movies to offer. We encourage you to check this page monthly for possible schedules. Sensory-Friendly show announcements will also be posted on the Cinema Cafe Facebook page and Twitter.

Questions? Please contact the events office at (757)747-1397 for more information.