Private Buy Outs

Enjoy an exclusive screening of the latest blockbusters.

Cinema Cafe strives to bring you the best movie viewing experience, so impress your guests with a private theater, and a premier movie of your choice. 

No Lines. No Waiting. Guaranteed Seating.

If you are interested in requesting a Private Buy Out, please fill out this form.
The Parties Office is open Fri-Tue from 12pm-6pm for reserving.

Booking a Buyout requires purchasing all available seats* in an auditorium. Pricing is based on the day of the week, time of day, location, and auditorium size.
*While COVID restrictions are in place, that means 50% of all seats in an auditorium.

 Events Form

Click for more information about $99 rentals at Riverdale Cinema Cafe.
*Click for more information about $99 Classics or DVD Party rentals.*