Birthday Parties

Birthday party packages are available at the Greenbrier location Only. Packages include admission, popcorn, soft drinks, pizza, and ice cream, and are available at the first show times of the day. Please call the Events Office at 757-747-1397 for more information. Our Events Office is open Mon, Wed, & Thu from 11am-5pm for reserving parties.

Invitations Available For Download:
Invitation Template 1
Invitation Template 2
Invitation Template 3

Birthday packages are Not available at our Pembroke, Kemps River, Hampton, and Edinburgh locations.

If you are coming out to one of these 4 locations to celebrate a birthday, you are welcome to bring your own birthday cake since we don't offer cake on our menu. We ask that you present your cake and sing your birthday song before the movie starts. If you'd like, the server can hold your cake and bring it out during the show, after you have eaten.

The theater is dismissed directly after the movie ends, so please plan to have any "birthday time" wrapped up before the movie starts, including presents, cake presentation, and birthday song.