Greenbrier - Chesapeake

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After 13 years of sub-run movies, we are very excited to announce that the Greenbrier location has converted to a PREMIERE theater showing brand new movies - starting with Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Ferdinand, ushering in a new era.

Sometimes evolution is born out of necessity. The truth is that the industry is changing. When we first opened Pembroke 32 years ago, it took a year for a film to move from the theater tom home viewing formats. Maybe you've noticed - it is more like 3 months these days. The sub-run market is shrinking nationally, and most sub-run theaters have gone under because it's gotten too hard to compete with the at-home market.

One of our core values has always been affordability. We know how expensive it can be to go out, especially for families. This is not about making more money by raising ticket prices. The only way Greenbrier can make it is by increasing the amount of people who go to our theater. By taking Greenbrier first run, we hope to satisfy the trend of people choosing premiere movies and increase the amount of people going there.

This was in no way an easy decision. We realize that Greenbrier was the last sub-run theater in the area, and the end of an era that Cinema Cafe was founded on. We are excited, though, to have another venue offering premiere movies with our popular "dinner AT a movie" concept. This is a new era for Cinema Cafe - one we are looking forward to building a future on with our loyal fan base. We appreciate all of you and will continue to do our best at living up to our values of affordability, caring, fun, and extraordinary service.